Statement & Bio

Hello! My name is Jess, aka Will Crochet.

I am a crochet artist, producing street art and handmade fiber art.

I have crocheted for about 12 years.

I started out making blankets, hats, and scarves and everyone I know eventually gets a crocheted blanket from me.

My very first street piece was to turn the stop sign on my block into a flower by adding big, crocheted leaves.

I am literally never without yarn and a crochet hook. I crochet in work meetings, I crochet on the bus during my commute, I Netflix and crochet…I’m 100% obsessed.

My goal is to use a traditionally female genre (fiber arts) to create non-traditional pieces such as landscapes, single-celled organisms, and signs and then to put them in non-traditional spaces to provoke thought or joy.

I consider myself part of a contemporary feminist movement, sometimes referred to as craftivism, that uses traditional crafts such as crochet, knitting, and/or embroidery to explore political and social issues.