The dragon

I’ve started making jewelry again, after a long hiatus, but this time I have the great and amazing resources found on blogs and pattern websites that allow me to find free instructions for basic but complex stitches like the crocodile stitch.

I knew I wanted to make bib necklaces that lay on one’s chest, following the contours of cleavage, muscle, and  bone.

In order to achieve that, I needed a pattern that demonstrated how to make an increase, starting from one “block/scale” to seven or eight. That search led me to these lovely text and visual instructions for the crocodile stitch increase on Midknight Design’s blog, Midknight Star

Thank you!

I used 100% mercerized cotton, the 3 weight, and a 2.75mm hook and went up to eight scales or blocks.

The dragon, wip
Nearly finished!

Crocodiles are not very romantic and I am a lifelong dragon fantasy fan (no shame!). I’m reading the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik, right now. I love all of her work. I think dragons are way cooler and badass than crocodiles (who do have their merits, I’m just way more into dragons, ya know?) and the metal on this necklace evokes the harnesses that the British dragon forces use in her novels.



The great thing about this necklace is that the cotton will start to lay and conform to your body as you wear it. The mercerized cotton feels dry and flexible with a little sheen, like scales, but it will become a little more cotton-y through time and it will keep the shape of your body, thus becoming a custom fit!

The dragon in the backyard
Lots of crochet in this photo!

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